Pacífico Tres




The Pacific Three Concession, in its interest to preserve the safety of the users of the concessioned road, launched in 2017 the campaign under the slogan "Your Life is Worth More, Not One More", a strategy for spreading messages of prevention, patience, tolerance and respect for the different road actors, traffic signs and life.
The purpose of this campaign is to sensitize the different interest groups (road users: pedestrians, drivers of all types of vehicles, motorcyclists, transport companies, passengers, etc.) on the importance of traveling on the roads with responsibility, respecting the limits. speed, and in our particular case, the stop and go points, respect for the road controllers, respect for the shift in the waiting lines, respect for the construction sites of the works, among other factors; with the aim of safeguarding the lives of those who drive and the people who travel with them.
This campaign has always been supported by the National Police, the Highway Police, the National Army, Transport Terminals, government entities (Mayors, Governors, union entities, among others), strategic allies with whom we combine efforts and do not spare resources. to work hand in hand for citizens and all those who transit and use the country's roads, with the mission of reducing the high accident rates that occur daily on the roads of the national territory due to ignorance or recklessness.

Pacific Three Concession, on the path of well-being and development.