Pacífico Tres

Social Management

Social Management

Property Management the process leading to obtaining ownership and availability of properties in favor of the National Infrastructure Agency - ANI, which includes technical, legal, physical and socioeconomic research, where the existing relationship between the properties required for the execution of the project and its owners and / or third parties.

With the aim of responding to the real needs of the communities, strategies and activities are developed from the socio-property management that mitigate the impacts caused by the project, as well as from the articulation of the technical, legal and social area, integrally accompanies all of the properties included in the property purchase area, seeking their acquisition within the established deadlines and generating the necessary track for the Construction Consortium to carry out the infrastructure works.

Es así como de los 661 predios que integran el proyecto, 578 son requeridos para la ejecución de la calzada de mejoramiento y cuentan con la siguiente gestión:

Additionally, the Pacific Three Concession with its Socio-Property Management area identifies existing social units (human groups) in the entire road corridor, in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 545 of 2008 of the National Institute of Concessions INCO, today the National Agency of Infrastructure - ANI, which defines the Social Management Instruments applicable to infrastructure projects developed by the National Institute of Concessions and establishes criteria for the application of the Socioeconomic Compensation Plan within the framework of international, constitutional and legal standards of sustainable development, that ensure conditions of social participation, equity and improvement of the quality of life of the population affected by the projects.