Pacífico Tres

Concession Areas

Concession Areas

Strategic planning
Strategic planning defines the strategic and tactical direction of the Pacific Three Concession and is in charge of reviewing and adjusting it when required, this includes: Vision, Mission, SGI (Integrated Management System) Policy, processes and objectives with their indicators and the analysis of the results, among other elements.

Administrative and Financial Management 
It establishes the methodology to be used for the administration of the company's monetary and human resources, in addition to providing financial information in a timely and reliable manner.
Desde esta área se determinan los lineamientos para la adquisición, el manejo y el control de los activos fijos en la Concesión Pacífico Tres, incluyendo el Patrimonio Autónomo. Asimismo, el equipo de profesionales del área se encarga de proveer la infraestructura y soporte adecuados para llevar a cabo las labores de forma pertinente y eficiente.
Allí forman parte las áreas de: Gestión Humana, Compras, Tesorería, Presupuesto, Calidad, Servicios Administrativos, Logística, Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo, Sistemas, entre otras.

Operation and maintenance
Guaranteeing a road in optimal traffic conditions is a priority for the Pacific Three Concession, which is why this area carries out various operation and maintenance activities to offer all users a road corridor in the best conditions: spraying, signaling, demarcation, patching, drainage and road cleaning, among others.
The Pacific Three Concession also offers to all users of the concessioned road, through this area, the services of a workshop car, an ambulance, a crane and road inspection, with qualified personnel who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to meet the needs of travelers and allow their passage on the road to be carried out without problems.
Para solicitar estos servicios está dispuesto el #793, la línea gratuita 018000 423 780 y el celular 321 973 8470.

Environmental management
For the Pacific Three Concession, it is essential to carry out constructive activities that are friendly to the environment, complying with current legal regulations and constantly training staff on the importance of protecting and preserving natural resources.
The environmental area identifies the impacts derived from the activities of the Concession, in order to prevent, mitigate, control and / or compensate any situation, in accordance with the applicable legal requirements, aiming at the prevention of contamination and continuous improvement.

Property Management
The Property area is in charge of the process of acquiring the properties required for the execution of the project works, which implies knowing the conditions of the social units (people who have a relationship of legal, physical or economic dependency in relation to a property ) through an analysis of different areas: technical - socioeconomic - legal - etc; and the relationship between the properties, their owners and other people.
It also involves managing the restitution of public space and interdisciplinary support for the relocation process in the preconstruction and construction phase required for the execution of the project.

Social management
This infrastructure project is also constituted as a social event, since it executes its works with and for the community in general; Thus, through the development of programs, projects and activities of a social and environmental nature, the impacts caused are mitigated, promoting the development and well-being of the inhabitants of the area of ​​influence.
The team of social professionals forges credible and trustworthy relationships with the communities that are part of the project, and encourages inter-institutional cooperation and coordination as a strategy to boost the competitiveness of the surrounding municipalities, in addition, works and strengthens the democratic exercise of citizen participation, under permanent listening and the intervention of all interest groups that seek to facilitate the proper development of the works.